PAC Executive Committee and Mission

The Progressive Action Council
Executive Committee

Lillian Davis, President
Annie B. Davis, Vice President
Leon Burrus, Treasurer
Erlene Bentley, Committee Member
Delores Gray,Committee Member
Vanessa Potter, Committee Member

William Reeves, Executive Director

Mission Statement

The Progressive Action Council was established in 1989 by residents of the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Authority to fulfill the following mission:

To assist the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, in providing safe, decent, and sanitary housing. Provide education, training, and support to all public housing residents in Cuyahoga County, through communication, sharing ideas, and the development of economic opportunities.

We seek to help residents become self-sufficient and empowered to become guides for the children and families of the future, who will ultimately redefine public housing as it exists today.

To bring holistic revitalization to the lives and environments of public housing residents through economic empowerment, housing improvement, educational enrichments, and community advocacy.